PRANA is a volunteer-run initiative working to encourage the donation of Convalescent Plasma by those who have recovered from Covid-19. While we spread awareness through various channels, our Donor Questionnaire helps to screen and assess donor eligibility.

We are developing a database of potential Convalescent Plasma donors on a Pan-India Level with an initial thrust of efforts in Mumbai and Bangalore. With our Pan-India collaboration, we will be able to match donors to recipients as and when we receive requests with strict verification at both ends. Each donor will be called individually and counseled and motivated to donate Plasma. The donor’s medical records and eligibility will be assessed to take it to the next step. Our goal is to make the plasma donation process as safe and comfortable as possible for the donor. In this way, we hope to scale up our efforts as donors share their good experiences and thus promote more Plasma donation. On the recipient side, we have developed a recipient validation/verification protocol to ensure the ethical use of the donated plasma.

Dr. Om Srivastava who is leading this initiative is an eminent Infectious Disease Consultant in Mumbai and is on the Covid-19 Task Force with the Govt. of Maharashtra. Dr. Maria Nigam and Suman Shrivastava are the front-liners with the Mumbai Chapter while Dr. Sunita Lobo and Chaitra Chidanand (also our Tech and Back-End Lead) are the front-liners with the Bangalore Chapter. Melody Laila and Sohini Guha complete the team with their creative genius!

We are also actively looking for PRANA Warriors to join as Volunteers in every aspect of our efforts. Some of the Volunteer Roles include calling and motivating donors, filling in Donor Questionnaires, validating Donor information, coordinating with Plasma Donation Centers and Donor travel to them for testing and donation, Post-Donation Follow-up as well as contribution to widen awareness via social media/a Helpline.

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Email: PranaPanIndia (at) gmail (dot) com

Mumbai Chapter: Dr. Maria Nigam +919920182634/ Suman Shrivastava +919892236193

Bangalore Chapter: Dr. Sunita Lobo +919886057777/ Chaitra Chidanand +919740949336

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