are you eligible to donate plasma?

Are you Eligible to Donate Plasma?

People who have fully recovered from COVID-19 for at two weeks and over are encouraged to consider donating plasma, which may help save the lives of other patients not as fortunate as them.

These are some of the CRITERIA you must fulfill in order to be eligible to donate Plasma:

The PRANA Registration form asks most of these Questions to ascertain your initial Eligibility.

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1. Plasma Donors have to be recovered Covid-19 Patients who have in the past tested positive for COVID-19 by an RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test.

2. Plasma donors should have proof that they have recovered from Covid-19, which includes:
(a) Have A Covid-19 Negative test at least 14 days prior to donation
(b)Have recovered completely from all Covid-19 Symptoms at least 28 days and prior to donation

3. Plasma donors should test Positive for Covid-19 Antibodies

4. Plasma donors should be 18-60 years old

5. Plasma donors should weigh greater than 55Kg

6. They should have Hemoglobin Levels greater than 12.5

7. Plasma donors should test negative for HIV /Hepatitis B and C/ Syphilis/ TB / Malaria

8. Plasma donors should not suffer from Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer or any Major Disease.

9. Plasma Donors must not be taking any regular prescription medication.

10. Plasma donors should not have received blood and blood products for Covid-19 or other disorders in the past one year.

11. Female Plasma Donors should not have ever been pregnant- full term or ever had a miscarriage / abortion

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